Kelly Herselman established Giggle and Grow in 2014 and it has expanded and improved each year since then. Kelly has a hands-on approach in running the school and believes it needs to be family centered and thus encourages parent-teacher communication.

We endeavor to maintain the highest standard of excellence in our teaching, our activities, and in the guidance of each child’s learning experience. Each day we encourage our children to develop to their fullest potential.



Daily Routine

07:30 Doors open

08:30 Large group, ring time

09:15 Indoor craft time

10:00 Snack time

10:30 Outside Playtime

11:15 Craft time

11:45 Pack up and clean up time

12:00 Story time

12:30 Half day children go home

School hours 

There is a half-day or full-day option.

Our doors open at 7:30 and school finishes at 12:30. 

Aftercare is available until 5pm daily.


12:30 Lunch for full day children

13:00 Quiet/chill time

14:00 Indoor or outdoor play

15:00 Snack

15:20 to 17:00 Children play indoors or outdoors and often do an art activity.